Via Selling illegal DVDs not illegal because of blunder – Telegraph:

People who sell DVDs and videos illegally, including pornography to children, cannot be prosecuted because of a legislative blunder dating back 25 years, it has emerged.

The blunder centres on the 1984 Video Recordings Act which the then British Tory Government should have notified with the European Commission but failed to do so.

The technicality means the act is unenforceable and urgent action is now under way to notify Europe and re-enact the legislation.

I am amazed that coverage of this Whitehall farce does not ask the obvious question: how did it come to this, that our legislature cannot make a law in our own land without notifying an overseas power, and an unelected one at that?

In the meantime, how is it possible that reenactment will take three months? Should we not recall Parliament, pass the Act again and then debate how Parliament and the British system of government has come to this sorry state?

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