Eric Pickles

Via Pickles calls on Liberal Democrat voters to “come on home”:

Eric Pickles has called on Liberal Democrat voters to “come home to the Conservative Party” in a keynote speech.

The Conservative Party Chairman highlighted the “growing consensus” uniting Conservative and Liberal Democrat voters about the kind of change our country needs.

He also outlined the “clear choice” between voting again for the Liberal Democrats, with a leader who has admitted he is chasing Labour votes, or putting trust in David Cameron to deliver on the things the whole country wants to see.

With fifty Liberal Democrat councillors, nine former parliamentary candidates and one MEP having already made the move since David Cameron became leader, Eric pointed to the shared values and common goals of Liberal Democrat voters and the Conservative Party that he hoped would encourage others to do likewise:

Our opposition to 42 days detention

A pledge to scrap ID cards

Supporting the right of Gurkhas to settle in Britain

A firm commitment to tackling climate change

Eric called on Liberal Democrat voters to consider joining the thousands of others across the country who have chosen to help the Conservatives, and ask themselves one important question:

“Which party in government will deliver on those liberal ideas that are so important to you?”

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