Conservative election poster
Conservative election poster

Via The Conservative Party | News | Taxman planning room-by-room inspections of family homes:

Caroline Spelman has responded to new evidence that emerged today of Gordon Brown’s secret plans for council tax hikes on family homes.

A new electronic Government tax handbook, complete with audio commentary, reveals how taxmen are being trained to conduct inspections of people’s homes and tax every home improvement and room.

Caroline Spelman MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government, said that Labour Ministers have been “caught red-handed” in training a “cadre of state snoopers” for a council tax revaluation in England.

“These new electronic learning tools blow out of the water any claims that the revaluation has been postponed, and proves the more tax hikes are on the cards for after the election if Gordon Brown clings to power”, she said.

Spelman added: “Families face being taxed for their sash windows and en-suite bathrooms. There is nothing that Gordon Brown won’t tax. State bureaucrats are being trained to measure up people’s homes and gardens and take intrusive photographs for a sinister Big Brother database.

These inspectors have alarming powers to enter people’s homes – and there is clear evidence that they now intend to exercise them. A Conservative Government will protect hard-working families from this home invasion; we will cancel the revaluation and abolish council tax inspectors’ right of entry.

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