The statutory body “The Committee on Climate Change” has announced:

Cutting gross UK aviation emissions in 2050 to 2005 levels together with 90% emissions cuts in other sectors would achieve the required economy wide 80% emissions reduction which has been committed to by the UK under the Climate Change Act.

Yesterday, I learned there is an agile sports car in development which will achieve 75 mpg: very impressive, but cutting emissions by 90% means a target of about 300 mpg. In the meantime, this is what people want, Nissan’s new supercar, the GT-R, spotted on the way home amongst Subaru rally cars for the road:

We should note the presumption by the CCC that it is for government to plan society.

Meanwhile, it turns out there are plenty of peer-reviewed papers which contradict global warming alarmism. I read recently an article which asked “What will it take for the mainstream media to report reasonably on global warming?” I suggest the answer is a more serious “danger to the community” story, one which indicates where planned societies lead.

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