Today, I was out meeting people in Hithercroft Road, High Wycombe:

Hithercroft Road
Hithercroft Road

I was there to introduce myself and what I am up to and to listen. I had wonderful conversations throughout the morning.

People were interested in my background, how I will live and what I want to achieve, in that order. Let me give the same answers here:

  • You can find out more about me, my work on bank reform and my support for the Centre for Social Justice here: About Steve.
  • My wife and I will make our home in the constituency and arrange my affairs as for London commuting. And please note that I have previously commuted daily from Walter’s Ash to Canary Wharf.
  • What I want to achieve is, in a nutshell, a healthy political system, a stable, sustainable economy and a hopeful future for all.

Those people who spoke with me seemed very happy to hear it. I asked them to hold me to account and told them that, if they did, we would really be getting somewhere.

A few people did not want to speak. Two apparently supported other parties — so I am not sure why they did not want to grill me — one gentleman was just extremely disillusioned with politics and won’t vote and finally one lady was busy.

And in other news, Beth put down a holding deposit on a house in Daws Lea.

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