Kind words from my colleague Dr Anthony J Evans:

I have just heard that the Wycombe Conservative Association have chosen Steve Baker to be their parliamentary candidate at the next general election (see here for more details). This is very exciting news. I have known Steve personally for some time now, and we’ve been working closely to launch The Cobden Centre – a think tank devoted to banking reforms.

What strikes me most about Steve is his ambition. He is not a career politician and has a fascinating background with the RAF and computing. But the first time we met it was clear that he was dissatisfied with the current political system and intended to do something about it directly. Steve is the sort of person that sets a clear goal and then achieves it. It’s therefore no surprise that he’s found a constituency that want to back him, and that wants him to represent their views in Westminster. I think the people of Wycombe are very lucky to have him.

Although most politicians and commentators have come round to the view that the financial crisis was the result of an artificial boom caused by excess credit creation, Steve has systematically tried to understand the full implications of this. He is incredibly well read on this subject, and even manages to balance this understanding with the sort of pragmatism and sense of reality that academics like myself fail to get! Congratulations Steve.

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