Well, after visiting the magnificent Wycombe Abbey School yesterday to discover that they are very happy to share their facilities with the state sector, and after a great doorstep session this morning in Totteridge, where I found Labour voters coming over to the Conservatives, I am feeling rather upbeat, despite disquieting polling and despite agreeing with William Hague:

And I say it is that most crucial election because I believe the choice for Britain is as stark as this: it is change or ruin.

We are telling the British people the truth: we cannot go on like this.

We say to them now: it is time, it is time to make the break. We cannot go on just borrowing money from China so that we can buy their goods and then borrow some more. Gordon Brown is like a credit card company who will always send you another letter saying it would be so easy when in debt to borrow even more. Every family, every small business, everyone except this Government knows it is the road to ruin.

So it is time for change. And if we do not take this opportunity, grasp this hour, to set a new direction for Britain, then I tell you in all frankness that it will be too late. It will be too late in 5 years’ time to say we should have got rid of them, too late to reverse the decline: the debt will be too big, the bureaucracy too bloated, the small businesses too stifled, the slope Britain is sliding down will be too steep.

Yes, this year, the choice is change or ruin, but I believe people understand that this is true. People know that the days of bureaucracy are over. People must have more to do with one another and the government less.

A new publication,  The choice at this election, explains how Conservatives will:

  • Act now on debt to get the economy moving
  • Get Britain working by boosting enterprise
  • Make Britain the most family-friendly country in Europe
  • Back the NHS
  • Raise standards in schools
  • Change politics

It’s this simple: vote for change, vote Conservative.

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