On Friday, I had the pleasure of attending the tenth anniversary of Lane End’s twinning with St Pierre D’Oleron, for which I hope to provide a photo later. I made the point that these direct friendships across national boundaries are a wonderful thing, quoting Richard Cobden:

Peace will come to earth when the people have more to do with each other and governments less.

Beth and I attended Saturday’s Lane End fete, which was thronged, where I discovered The Rebellion Brewery’s “Mutiny Chutney”. I believe I could be developing a new favourite brand.

Wycombe District Ramblers were kind enough to invite me to join them for part of their 25th Anniversary, 25-mile walk around Wycombe before I zipped over to Kensham Farm’s open day.

There, I was delighted to meet Johnny Eldridge, who first began ploughing with a pair of horses, many years ago. Johnny became his family’s breadwinner at the age of 8 when his father died from appendicitis and gangrene. Back in the sixties, he felled that woodland behind us:

His is a moving story and I was honoured to meet him. How our lives have improved.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend in Chiltern Rise.

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