ConservativeHome have kindly invited me to contribute to CentreRight. In my first article, I debunk potential reasons for Labour’s self-righteous indignation:

Since my arrival in Parliament, the Chamber has been characterised by a torrent of self-righteous indignation from Labour and their thoroughgoing lack of remorse about the state of the public finances. There is a sense that Labour think they are on the side of the angels.

Giving our opponents the benefit of the doubt, I can think of two premises which might support their attitude.

The first is that the government has an inexhaustible horn of plenty which could be forever poured out, if only the Tories had the will.  The second is that the crisis was an automatic feature of the global economy which the Labour government could not have avoided.

Find the article here: CentreRight: Labour’s legacy is a choice between unpleasant cuts in public spending, a sovereign debt crisis or currency debasement

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