Ten plans for financial reformThe Cobden Centre Radio has launched with an interview with Dr Tim Evans:

In the interview, Dr Evans discusses his personal views on how the Cobden Centre came together, its aims and purposes, where he sees its future heading, and how regular readers and listeners can help us with our funding.  Future shows will include interviews with Toby Baxendale, Steven Baker MP, plus many others, and will focus mainly on a Euro-centric or UK-centric viewpoint, as regards the free market, Austrian economics, and all of the other regular topics which we generally cover at the Cobden Centre, to complement the more usual US-centric views of excellent shows such as the Financial Sense hour, King World Radio, Lew Rockwell Radio, Mises Institute media, and Mr Peter Schiff’s regular video blogs.  As the Americans say; Enjoy:

Cobden Centre Radio: Show One, Interview with Dr Tim Evans

No doubt I will give my interview during the conference recess.

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