Dan Hannan and Ruth Lea have launched the EU Referendum Campaign:

The EURC is an organisation that is determined that every adult in Britain should have the right to choose whether our country should be a politically independent self-governing country or a member of the European Union.

With the EU now making the vast majority of laws we must obey and with new plans to take control over the tax and spend policies of its member countries, the British people must be given the right to decide where ultimate political power lies: In Brussels or with our elected parliament.

Unless we win the right to vote on Britain’s membership of the EU within the near future, our democracy is in danger of falling under the total control of the Brussels elite and disappearing for all time.

For the Telegraph, Dan writes:

The question, these days, is not whether referendums are compatible with representative democracy, but what the next one will be about. If we are allowed a vote on how to elect our MPs, why not a vote on whether those MPs run the country? If we can have a referendum on whether to have a mayor in Hartlepool, what about one on whether the majority of our laws should be handed down from Brussels?

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