There is such a thing as society – it’s just not the same as the state. — David Cameron

Today, the Big Society message went out powerfully in Wycombe.

I spent this morning visiting Coffee Nation‘s HQ, where Chief Executive Scott Martin and I discussed enterprise as the basis of a positive society in the interests of everyman: their gourmet self-service coffee machines are intended to reach every section of society. (And they make an excellent brew!)

Over lunch with Marlow Rotarians, I explained how the state has grown, money has been debased and debt has reached astronomical proportions along a journey which has delivered us into this worrying time. I set out how a better future must be based on bank reform and a rediscovery of enterprise as the means by which we create value for one another. I told the Rotarians that they have always been right — their motto is “Service Above Self” — and that, in my view, neither selfish individualism nor state collectivism are the basis for a hopeful future: we need a society of individuals in freely-chosen, cooperative relationships of commerce, friendship and charitable service. (See also my recent article on ConservativeHome.)

Finally, I attended Fresher’s Fair at Bucks New University, where I was delighted to find there was more than enough support to start a student Conservative society. Great news.

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