On Thursday, I gave an interview of about ten minutes to the BBC’s Daily Politics show regarding the EU budget.  A section was transmitted today in their story Brussels bashing ‘back in fashion’ with new Tory MPs:

They didn’t use the section in which I supported the excellent Justine Greening MP.

They didn’t use the section in which I rejected the old spectrum of euroscepticism in favour of a greater free market internationalism which the EU obstructs.

They didn’t use the section in which I backed the Prime Minister.

They used the section in which I said there is a problem when the link between taxation and representation is broken, which I stand by, of course.

Now, I have no complaint about this — I certainly didn’t expect my own 10-minute feature — but it is interesting to see how the Beeb carefully chose my remarks to support their narrative. It puts How to Frame A Patriot (PDF) into perspective.

You can find the relevant episode in full here.

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