Via the Telegraph, Yes, Minister: Sir Humphrey has all the solutions provides a series of memos from Sir Humphrey Appleby to Bernard Woolley on electoral reform, guiding ministers, Brussels and transparency. The entire article is a must-read, but I think the following is my favourite passage:

Brussels provides a model for modern government. Legislation can be brought forward only by officials. All important posts are filled by appointment. Political ”leadership’’ is rotated every six months, to ensure that no one ever gets a real grip on the job. The proliferation of nations and languages gives officials endless scope for fomenting distrust, confusion and conflict. And there is no nonsense about financial constraints: the auditors have refused to approve the EU accounts for the past 14 years, but they go on spending happily.

You may wish to compare this with the rhetoric you can find at Notre Europe.

Meanwhile, I look forward to this Government furthering its reforms. Let’s hope there is the courage and character to see things through.

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