Via ConservativeHome’s Comment blog, I have provided, with great irony, News of an exciting opportunity in EU participatory democracy:

If you find yourself able to garner a million “statements of support” from a minimum number of EU citizens (eligible to vote in elections to the European Parliament) in each of at least a third of EU member states, then you may “invite the Commission to bring forward certain legislative proposals”. Proposals will not be acceptable if they are abusive, frivolous or “manifestly against the values” of the EU.

You may also enjoy Lord Leach of Fairford: The European Union Bill urgently needs to be amended to prevent the steady mission creep of new EU laws and accretion of powers. For example:

In other words, 2014 will see a clear, binary choice between radically more or radically less EU control over the British legal system. Somewhat extraordinarily, this is a decision for Ministers at the moment. The EU Bill must be amended so as to put this hugely important choice to the people – or at the very least Parliament.

Should be exciting in due course.

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