Via ConservativeHome’s Platform: Steve Baker MP: The EU is not yet beyond ridicule:

I enjoyed delivering a brief polemic against EU spending in yesterday’s debate on the 16th consecutive failure of the EU budget to pass audit. Over 90% of EU spending was “materially affected by error” but I shared three stories which were apparently within the rules.

  • The €500,000 payment to two fishermen to scrap their boat in the interests of reducing overfishing, which cleared their debts and paid for a new, smaller boat in which they continued fishing.
  • The astonishing €8.5 billion spent failing to improve infrastructure in Sicily.
  • An incredible €2.5 million to support an Austrian nomadic contemporary dance troupe.

These were just three examples selected from a briefing by the superb OpenEurope. My constituents should not be paying for this and yet we find we cannot legally withhold their money from this asinine bureaucracy.

It would be too easy to declare the EU beyond ridicule but it simply isn’t. Here is a joke I received from a stalwart Wycombe Conservative this morning: […]

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