How to get rid of a million useless road signs

Via Poles Apart:

Conservative MPs Nadhim Zahawi, Steve Baker, Anne Main and Julian Smith will on Monday publish Poles Apart – ‘how to get rid of a million useless road signs’, a pamphlet drawing attention to the visual blight and waste of public money caused by pointless and unnecessary road signs.

Poles Apart builds on the prior work of the Minister of State for International Development Alan Duncan MP and describes the problems of unnecessary and useless signs before promoting a series of new rules to curb them and a Big Society empowerment to help local residents tackle the issue in their own areas.

Given that the previous Government has left us borrowing £500 million a day and paying £120 million a day in interest alone, it’s obviously vitally important that we do all we can to get the deficit down. More sensible deployment of road signs is just one way we could contribute to that effort without affecting front line services. A few simple measures, explained in this book, could actually improve matters for road users.

You can download the book here.

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