I’ll be off to the Bucks HS2 summit in Aylesbury in a moment. As a member of the Transport Committee, I am delighted that we are to conduct an inquiry into the strategic case for High Speed Rail.

The Transport Committee has decided to undertake an inquiry into the strategic case for High Speed Rail (the HSR programme). The Committee will focus on the principal arguments for and against High Speed Rail.

The Committee is not intending to examine the precise specification of the HS2 route nor how the route would affect individual landowners, businesses and residents in the vicinity of the route. These issues would be dealt with in due course by a hybrid bill committee.

The issues which the Committee will examine, along with an indication of the questions it will pursue, are set out below:

1. What are the main arguments either for or against HSR

2. How does HSR fit with the Government’s transport policy objectives

3. Business case

4. The strategic route

5. Economic rebalancing and equity

6. Impact

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