I have written on ConservativeHome about what appears to be a provision for exempting MPs from tax avoidance law:

I am furious. Who could possibly think that special tax treatment for MPs is a good idea? Who could possibly think that MPs would get away with it if they tried it?

But wait. Who drafts Government bills? Not back-bench Members of Parliament… In whose interests is it to keep Members of Parliament up to their armpits in the brown stuff? I smell a rat.

There should be no special treatment for anyone before the law, least of all those who make it.

via ConservativeHome’s Platform: Steve Baker MP: Who drafts Government bills?.

Follow the progress of the Bill here.

Update: It has been suggested to me that this provision stems from the fact that we are paid by IPSA but not employed by IPSA. Let the Treasury explain.

Further update: Greg Hands MP, PPS to the Chancellor, has posted a response here.

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