The latest figures for apprenticeships show an above average increase across Buckinghamshire. The average South East increase of 44% was also bettered by our neighbours in Beaconsfield (50%) and Chesham and Amersham (53%).

Wycombe’s own increase of 51% should also be seen against the total number of places. We saw an increase from 420 to 640 places: over 200 more places than our neighbouring constituencies. This shows that youth employment prospects in the South East are increasing through business investing in local talents.

Futhermore, I was delighted to attend the Wycombe Business Expo 2011 that showcased the many diverse companies based in the Wycombe area. It was encouraging to see local business coming together, sharing ideas and best practise. The welcome news of local apprenticeship growth will add to this practical effort to create jobs and boost growth based on real value.

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