Via HM Treasury, where all the key information may be found:

Responding to the Office of Budget Responsibility’s (OBR) updated Economic and Fiscal Outlook, the Chancellor has set out details of further action the Government will take to protect the UK from global instability and the euro area crisis and build a stronger, more balanced economy for the future.

Via Andrew Lilico on ConservativeHome:

When we criticise Osborne – and I do – we must not forget either the huge task he faces, nor the political constraints under which he operates, nor the remarkable scale of the plan he actually has.

Via John Redwood’s Diary:

There is a small shift from current to capital spending within the same increases in total spending.  Over the five years capital spending will increase by a total of  £5.8 billion. Current spending will be £1.1 billion less than the old plans in 2014-15.  Total spending rises from £669.7bn in 2009-10 to £736.4 billion by 2014-15, an increase of 10% in cash terms.

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