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As a way of supporting The Red Tape Challenge, the Government has created a new campaign called Focus on Enforcement. It will focus on working to ensure that we do not gold plate EU law and that we avoid British business being disadvantaged in relation to EU competitors.

The Government want you to tell them about your experiences, both good and bad, in the area of business regulation. The best ideas and suggestions for review will be chosen for further investigation. In return, the Government will provide information at-a-glance on national and local regulators and they will report back on what they have found and the action that will be taken…

Suggestions can be posted to the website here. I hope they will include suggestions for abolition and repeal: we need to leave businesses alone to get on with it wherever possible.

And I look forward to discovering levels of participation. I imagine businesses are too busy surviving to be telling Government how to do its job. Still, here we go…

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