A group of young music artists have released a track aimed at dissuading young people in Wycombe from joining gangs. DJ LoMotes and record producer Phoenix Keyz have collaborated with Styler, Sicx, Dimples and Treasure.

Already with over 14,000 views on Youtube, ‘An Eye for an Eye’ is becoming an internet hit. Filmed in Wycombe town centre and around local gang hot-spots, the track dispels the myths of glamour and respect surrounding gang-culture through frank and open lyrics targeted at young people.

DJ LoMotes was inspired to make the video after reading about incidents of knife and gun crime in Wycombe. Having grown up in an area with similar issues, he decided that something had to be done. He contacted his colleagues and this video is the result. The industry has received it with great enthusiasm, with Radio DJs and artists in both the UK and the US retweeting it.

The track is available to download on iTunes and Amazon. It was funded by DJ LoMotes himself, and all proceeds go to community projects in High Wycombe and anti-knife crime charity – The Ben Kinsella Trust.

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