The Prime Minister’s statement on the attack in Woolwich may be found here. He opened his statement:

What happened yesterday in Woolwich has sickened us all.

On our televisions last night – and in our newspapers this morning – we have all seen images that are deeply shocking.

The people who did this were trying to divide us. They should know: something like this will only bring us together and make us stronger. Today our thoughts are with the victim – and with his family.

They are grieving for a loved one… And we have lost a brave soldier.

These individuals have betrayed our country and the faith whose name they invoked. They must face brisk and severe justice.

The attack was an act of despicable cowardice and naked evil. It was met by a remarkable courage on the part of Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, a courage which ought to inspire in us all a resolve never to surrender to criminals.

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