Policy paper on NHS consumer mutuals
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The Bucks Free Press reports the latest campaign to return A&E to our hospital. If there was a lever to pull or a button to press to get this done, I would have already pulled or pressed it.

The truth is that there is crisis of accountability in the NHS. Those taking decisions about services are insufficiently accountable to the public, who are both patients and taxpayers. I have no command over the medical establishment and nor do councillors. The public are left protesting but none of us have the power directly to help.

That must change, so today I am asking this oral health question,

What steps he is taking to ensure that the NHS becomes a more patient-led organisation.

In my supplementary, I’ll be promoting an idea I first mentioned here. This incremental proposal could ultimately reunite the NHS with the people who pay for and use it: we the patients and wider public.

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