Great BusinessVia Number 10, Supporting business: David Cameron announces new plans:

In a speech to the Federation of Small Businesses, the Prime Minister will tell the audience that the government has exceeded its target to identify 3,000 regulations to be amended or scrapped.

This is the first government in modern history to reduce overall domestic regulation for business while in office. 800 regulations have already been abolished or simplified – with tens of thousands of pages of red tape still to face the chop.

The Prime Minister will announce plans to:

  • make it vastly easier and cheaper for businesses to meet environmental obligations – by March 2015 Defra will have slashed 80,000 pages of environmental guidance saving businesses around £100 million per year
  • help house builders by cutting down 100 overlapping and confusing standards applied to new homes to less than 10 – these reforms are estimated to save around £60 million per year for home builders, equivalent to around £500 for every new home built

Read the Prime Minister’s speech here. Inspiration and tips to help you grow your business are offered at Business is GREAT. I’m delighted progress is being made.

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