Click to register for Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group's forum
Click to register for Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group’s forum

I am contacted often about local health services.  Almost everyone thinks that Wycombe Hospital should be at the centre of our local health provision and should be used to the maximum benefit.

Rightly or wrongly, they have reassurance from healthcare being delivered in a hospital setting: they have an expectation their health needs can be met there.  They want an easy to understand system of receiving care, as local to home as possible.

Given that the PFI at Wycombe Hospital will be in place for decades yet, how will the taxpayer get maximum benefit from our local hospital? There is continued debate on the effectiveness of 111 and people’s awareness of this service. On these and many other issues, the public voice must be heard.

The Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group made five promises for 2014/15.  One of these is:  We will embed the patient voice in our commissioning. In that context, members of the public can now register for the CCG’s Let’s Talk Health Bucks forum. Please do so here.

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