Via Share The Facts:

Labour’s spending plans are in chaos – with Ed Miliband and Ed Balls spending the money from their proposed homes tax over and over again.

Last week Balls said the tax will fund the NHS and nothing else:

‘All the money we raised from the mansion tax will go the National health Service’ (LBC, 21 Jan 2015).

But now Miliband says the tax will pay for reducing the deficit:

‘A plan to pay down the deficit – with tax changes, like the mansion tax’ (BBC Breakfast, 27 Jan 2015).

And that was after Miliband had already promised to spend the money on reversing Labour’s policy on the 10p tax rate:

‘We would use the money raised by a mansion tax to reintroduce a lower 10 pence starting rate of tax’ (BBC News, 14 Feb 2013).

Once again, Labour are in chaos.

This shows that they can’t be trusted to fund the NHS or deal with the deficit – and that they’d put both the economy and the NHS at risk. Because you can only have a strong NHS with a strong economy.

With 100 days until the election, it’s clearer than ever that only the Conservatives have a competent plan to build a stronger economy, deal with the deficit and back our NHS. Share this important video to let friends know.

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