The Bucks Free Press has reported a planned march in High Wycombe by the English Defence League on 9 April.

I have a simple message for anyone preaching fear, hate and division: you are most unwelcome. You may have a right to peaceful protest but our Town does not need your malign influence.

People must be judged as individuals on the content of their character, demonstrated in the conduct of their lives. It is totally unacceptable to condemn groups collectively. To condemn groups of people as a whole and to whip up fear, anxiety and tension is not the British way. Ignorant prejudice must be fought everywhere it is found.

Here in Wycombe, we have excellent relations between people of all faiths and none. It is true a tiny minority have betrayed us by their actions but they have doubly betrayed the vast majority of decent British Muslims who seek salvation through the standard of virtue by which they lead their lives. I will defend the lawful and moral rights of every person to choose their faith and live in peace as they see fit.

I have every confidence in Thames Valley Police to secure this march and I am confident they will use their Public Order Act powers appropriately if necessary.


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