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During the second reading of Bob Blackman’s Homelessness Reduction Bill in Parliament on the 28th October, I asked Mr. Blackman the following question:

I’m here to support my Honourable friend in his excellent Bill today. I just observe that London boroughs seeking temporary accommodation is a factor which considerably disrupts the housing in Wycombe for my constituency. Will he agree with me that we need much more affordable homes both to buy and to rent everywhere, and especially in London.

Mr Blackman replied:

I thank my Honourable friend for that intervention and clearly this Bill does not deal with the issues of supply but it is an important issue and I think it is quite clear we need to increase the supply of affordable homes right across the country but particularly in London.

I commend the work of my colleague, Bob Blackman and the Government in bringing the Bill to Parliament. The Bill will place a duty on councils to help people at risk of homelessness secure accommodation before they are threatened with homelessness. Those who are homeless will be supported for 56 days to help find them accommodation. The Bill will also ensure that other local services refer those who are either homeless or at risk of being homeless to the council’s housing teams.

I am committed to tackling homelessness whether through casework or my own volunteering with Wycombe Homeless Connection. I am glad this is an issue which the Government is taking seriously.

You can find all the Bill documents as it progresses through Parliament here.

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