MoJMy casework team and I experience the continual frustration of constituents awaiting a hearing at a First-Tier (Immigration and Asylum) Tribunal. We know waiting for a hearing date causes considerable extra distress in what is an already stressful situation. Of course, to be fair to everyone, MPs cannot expedite particular cases on demand.

So, I submitted a parliamentary written question to the Ministry of Justice asking what steps Ministers are taking to reduce delays in securing dates for First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum) Hearings.

The Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Victims, Youth and Family Justice, Dr Philip Lee MP responded:

We do everything we can to avoid unnecessary delay in the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal and we have provided an additional 4,950 tribunal sitting days for this financial year to ensure current caseloads do not increase. We are keeping performance under close review.

The Government has made this good start in implementing measures to deal with demand but we will remain in close touch with the practical issues of immigration.

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