The quality of our local train service is an issue for many of us. I sometimes use the trains to commute to Parliament during the working week and I know that many constituents do the same on a much more regular basis.

I have been recently contacted by the Department of Transport with the opportunity to raise any comments or concerns about the franchise, so I have written to the Minister about the following issues:

  • Whether Chiltern Railways could introduce a season ticket that is cost-effective for part time workers.
  • The cost of train fares between Wycombe and London whether for season tickets or occasional travel such as cheap day returns and anytime return tickets.
  • Connections to Wycombe for travellers coming from stations to the north such as Bicester, and Banbury.
  • What plans are being made to increase the connectivity of Wycombe to future transport infrastructure projects.

While I believe that Chiltern Railways run a comparatively efficient service, I do believe that fare increases have affected the value for money offered to commuters. I look forward to receiving the Minister’s response about these important issues.

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