The M40 runs through my constituency, and noise is one of the biggest areas of environmental complaint from communities living and working near the motorway.

Highways England are committed to reducing environmental impact and improving the quality of life for local communities living within close proximity to our major A roads and motorways.The National Noise Programme, run by Highways England, aims to reduce noise levels for at least 1,150 Noise Important Areas by 2020, helping to deliver a better quality of life to around 250,000 people. This includes in parts of Wycombe close to the M40. A number of noise barriers are being constructed at key points along the M40 where the road runs close to residential areas.

This Friday, the 30th June, Highways England will be holding a public information event at 1-8pm at Wycombe Leisure Centre. The meeting will provide an opportunity for you to meet representatives from the Highways England project team, discuss the scheme and share any concerns you may have about their noise barrier programme.

More information on the meeting and the National Noise Programme can be found at the Highways England webpage here.

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