This week, I received details from the Minister of State for Children and Families about the 30 Hours Free Childcare Scheme. The Government is looking forward to a new cohort of children joining the 30 hours free childcare scheme in January. These are children will have turned three years old be the end of December.

The Minister advises that Parents wanting to take up a 30 hours place for their child in the January term should apply now and ideally by 30th November 2017 to ensure they receive their eligibility code in good time for next term. Parents who already have a child taking up a 30 hours place also need to confirm their details are up to date every three months. Parents will need to confirm their details via their online childcare account which can be found at this Gov.UK webpage.

From 24th November 2017, tax-free childcare will be rolled out to parents whose youngest child is under six or who has their sixth birthday on that day. Parents can use the childcare calculator to check their childcare options and apply online.

For further information about free childcare and these schemes including how to apply, please visit the Child Care Choices website. If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the Scheme, please let me know and I would be happy to investigate. If necessary, please call my Constituency Office on 01494 448408.

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