My remarks to the ERG on “Super Saturday”, backing the Prime Ministers deal, are correctly reported here by Brexit Central:

 Below, you’ll find some of the most influential advice we received.

Martin Howe QC: “So I can understand a political judgement that the revised deal is still a bad deal, but is tolerable as a price for the greater prize of the United Kingdom regaining our freedom after Brexit.”

Barney Reynolds: “Boris Johnson has pulled a rabbit out of the hat to get a Brexit deal that reclaims UK sovereignty. MPs should vote for it tomorrow.”

Shanker Singham: “Some have suggested that Boris Johnson’s deal is simply a revamped version of Theresa May’s deal. That is emphatically not the case. “

Charles Day, of the Spectator: “In order to get anywhere in life, you have to compromise. Redrafting a deal foisted on you with no time and no majority has been Herculean.”

Lord Trimble: “Yesterday’s agreement is a great step forward. Whilst, previously, the people of Northern Ireland were to have an agreement imposed on them, now we have a mechanism for the consent of the people of Northern Ireland.”

Graham Gudgin: “In fact, the Withdrawal Agreement does less damage to Northern Ireland’s status within the UK as [sic] the DUP concerns might indicate.”

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