Ensuring frontline services have the funding they need
Conservatives are ensuring frontline NHS services have the funding they need

In Wycombe, we are proud of the improvements our local NHS staff have delivered since 2010.

By keeping our economy strong we’ve been able to support our NHS since 2010. That’s why we are providing the biggest cash boost in the history of the NHS and the Prime Minister is making it his immediate task to ensure that people start seeing this funding in their local GP surgeries and local hospitals.

This will make a real difference to the lives of NHS staff and patients in Wycombe. And we can all have the peace of mind that the NHS will be there for our children and grandchildren into the future.

Conservatives have been running the NHS for 44 of its 71 years. We fully support the NHS being free at the point of use for everyone in the country. Don’t believe Labour’s ridiculous scaremongering.

We are committed to strengthening our NHS

We are giving the NHS the biggest cash boost in its history. We are delivering £33.9 billion more in cash for the NHS by 2023-24, with an initial £6.2 billion increase this year.

Investing in our NHS
Conservatives are investing in our NHS

We are upgrading 20 hospitals and building 40 new ones, ensuring extra funding for the NHS goes straight to the front line. We are providing £850 million for 20 hospital upgrades, £2.7 billion for the first six new hospitals plus vital seed funding for the further 34 hospitals to progress their projects – so in a decade there will be a new generation of hospitals. Steve Baker has secured a commitment from the Secretary of State to visit Wycombe to discuss our needs.

Making sure the NHS has the staff and resources it needs. Under the Conservatives, there are over 17,000 more doctors and over 16,000 more nurses on our wards. We are also opening five new medical schools to make sure we can train the next generation of NHS staff here at home.

Steve is delighted Wycombe has received funding for better scanners.

Supporting the NHS workforce to continue delivering world class care. 1 million NHS staff including nurses, midwives and cleaners will see their pay rise by at least 6.5 per cent by 2020-21, and doctors are also seeing their pay rise by up to 2.5 per cent. We have announced a £210 million funding boost for frontline NHS staff, including a £1,000 personal development budget for every nurse, midwife and allied health professional to support delivery of our long-term plan for the NHS.

Raising mental health funding to record levels to ensure everyone receives the care they need. We have increased mental health funding to record levels and we are allocating at least £2.3 billion of our £33.9 billion funding boost for the NHS to mental health, with funding growing as a share of the overall NHS budget over the next five years – improving access to treatment for everyone with a focus on prevention, community services and young people. We are also introducing new case reviews for mental health inpatients with learning disabilities and autism.

Ensuring patients can access the most cutting-edge treatment by investing in artificial intelligence and the life sciences. We are setting up a £250 million National Artificial Intelligence Lab to ensure people with conditions such as cancer and dementia can receive the latest treatments and truly personalised care, and investing a further £200 million in life sciences to unlock greater investment in health innovations.

Making hospital food better to help patients to recover faster. This root-and-branch review, advised by Prue Leith, will guarantee hospitals serve nutritional, tasty and fresh meals that will not only aid patient recovery, but also fuel staff and visitors as they care for loved ones and the vulnerable.

Working to prevent ill health

Prevention is at the heart of our long-term plan for the NHS. We have published a Green Paper on prevention, setting out our plans including halving childhood obesity and diagnosing more cancers earlier.

Improving vaccination uptakes and restoring the UK’s measles-free status. We have outlined a series of measures to encourage vaccination programmes, including strengthening the role of immunisation professionals, addressing parental concerns and misinformation around vaccinations and delivering a comprehensive strategy this autumn to eradicate measles, mumps and rubella.

Labour would spend less on patient care

Labour offered less money for the NHS. Labour’s 2017 Manifesto committed 2.2 per cent more a year, which they said would make the NHS ‘the envy of the world’. This is much less than the 3.4 per cent a year we are providing.

The NHS in Wales has been underfunded by Labour. Official figures show that health spending in England increased by 22.6 per cent between 2010-11 and 2017-18, but only increased by 17.4 per cent in Wales over the same time period. If it had increased at the same rate, NHS Wales would have over £315 million more to spend.

Labour’s plans for a state-run drugs company would prevent patients getting access to the latest drugs. The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry have said that Labour’s plans would undermine the system for developing new medicines’and ‘would discourage research in a country that wants to be a leader in innovation’. Our current system works – delivering drugs like Orkambi for patients at an affordable price for the NHS.

Conservatives are investing in our NHS so you can get the services you need.
Conservatives are investing in our NHS so you can get the services you need.

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