It’s been an extremely difficult 18 months in British politics but the Conservatives have a Brexit deal which will lead to a great future under a majority Conservative government.

Our new deal will get Brexit done and take back control
Our new deal will get Brexit done and take back control

This leaflet describes Boris’ new Brexit deal, provides a before and after comparison, and includes a letter from me and Mark Francois, setting out why we and Conservative Eurosceptic MPs backed the deal before Parliament was dissolved.

The UK will become an independent country with a broad and constructive relationship with our European neighbours based on free trade and friendship, including on science and innovation, youth, culture and education and more.

I know many people in Wycombe voted Remain and would wish to stay. I know I have had a higher profile than many – including me – would have wished, but I am glad we now can leave with a deal into a relationship of friendship and free trade.

The choice at this election is between a majority Conservative government that will get Brexit done, allow the country to move on and unleash Britain’s potential; or a deadlocked hung parliament led by Jeremy Corbyn, propped up by Nicola Sturgeon, leaving Britain facing two more chaotic referendums.

Here is why we back Boris’ Brexit deal:

Why Conservative Eurosceptics back Boris' deal
Why Conservative Eurosceptics back Boris’ deal

Dear Voter,

Over three years ago, this country voted for change – a change that would unleash Britain’s potential in a way that’s not been possible under decades of EU control. This election offers the final chance to deliver on that referendum result and put uncertainty behind us.

We voted against Theresa May’s deal three times because it would not deliver anything recognisable as Brexit. This is not the case with Boris Johnson’s deal and we are backing it.

For two vital reasons, Boris’ deal is not the same as what went before.

First, the whole UK “backstop” of customs union with intrusive regulation and a veto for the EU on future arrangements is gone. That dramatically changes the negotiating dynamic so that the UK can succeed in securing a great future.

Second, the Political Declaration, about where our relationship with the EU is heading, now clearly guides both parties towards a relationship of independent states. Gone is subordination and mandatory high alignment of the UK to the EU’s trade policy, regulations and defence ambitions. Fishing and defence are not given away as some are saying. Provisions for fair competition and cooperation are consistent with us being an independent country.

Some compromises remain, but determined negotiation, clear objectives and protections in UK law can deal with them because the legal deck is no longer stacked comprehensively against our country.

All Conservative Eurosceptic MPs – including the 28 who opposed the previous deal three times – backed Boris’ deal because it is the way forward to a good Brexit. Please vote Conservative to secure a Brexit worth having and move this country forward to a bright future outside the EU.


Steve Baker, Chair ERG
Mark Francois, Deputy Chair ERG 12 November 2019

Letter to voters from Steve Baker and Mark Francois, explaining why we, and Conservative Eurosceptics, back Boris’ Brexit deal.

Download this leaflet as a PDF here.

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