I, along with a group of cross-party MPs, have written a letter to the Chancellor urging him to agree a customised and flexible extension to the furlough scheme for the aviation, travel and tourism industries. I know many people living in Wycombe who work for British Airways have been in touch with me concerned about the uncertainty they face.

The letter has been organised by Henry Smith MP and The Future of Aviation Group. In the letter, we call on the Chancellor to consider the exceptional circumstances facing these sectors.  We have emphasised that these sectors will take significantly longer than other industries to recover and specifically call on the Chancellor to agree an extension to the furlough scheme to support the millions of jobs involved.

Our aviation, travel and tourism industries have been amongst the worst affected by the coronavirus and will take far longer to recover than most sectors. 

Aviation is an economic enabler and it will be central to rebuilding our economy. The Government must extend the coronavirus job retention scheme beyond October to support the millions of jobs in these sectors and to allow them to play their full role in our economic recovery.

Cutting off this support before these sectors have been able to recover will have disastrous consequences for many of my constituents.

The letter can be read in full here:


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