A number of constituents who live in Wycombe and work for British Airways have been in touch in recent weeks about the awful situation they are in due to the coronavirus crisis and BA’s response to it. 

This is an appalling time for BA staff and their families. I have made a number of interventions to represent them, and in particular we have:

I am aware of a Private Members’ Bill introduced by Gavin Newlands MP which seeks to prevent BA and other companies from adopting “fire and re-hire” tactics. This has little chance of becoming law. Companies should behave responsibly but there is already recourse through employment law for those who believe they have been treated unfairly. 

Finally, I know ministers and MPs, especially on the Transport Select Committee, will be keeping a close eye on developments. People must not be mistreated and BA ought not to fail over this disease. The situation is complex and the stakes are high. I will continue to represent the interests of local people.

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