Feedback after my appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme to discuss coronavirus restrictions has been overwhelmingly positive. Nevertheless, I recognise some people rightly have real concerns surrounding the health of their loved ones.

The Today interview is here, in a segment from 01:08:45:

I gave my sources here:

I hope after listening to the interview, and reading the sources above, even those who disagree may concende this is an important and legitimate debate.

There is no lack of concern for people at risk in my heart or mind. I know we owe a moral duty of care to one another. You can read my comments on the harm principle here:

Much of politics balances freedom and safety. Given the data to which I have referred, I believe the Government’s policy is disproportionate though I appreciate others continue to support strong restrictions.

Like everyone else must, I will be complying with the law. I will also be encouraging compliance with it, even as I seek to change it. 

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