What I have been up to this week #Working4Wycombe:

  • Spoke in the Government’s response to forced labour in Xinjiang. You can find a summary of this on a Twitter thread and on another blog post: https://twitter.com/stevebakerhw/status/1349062699569864704 and https://www.stevebaker.info/2021/01/the-governments-response-to-forced-labour-in-xinjiang/
  • Called on Dominic Raab and his colleagues at FCDO to take the situation in Kashmir as seriously as the situation in China. You can watch this in a Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/SteveBakerHW/status/1349319993700331520
  • Wrote a letter to Nigel Adams in his role as FCDO Minister proposing we take steps to ensure UN human rights officials have access to investigate allegations on both sides of the Line of Control between India and Pakistan
  • Held a meeting with councillors and officers to discuss how the £11.89 million given by Government from its Future High Streets Fund will be spent in High Wycombe
  • Published the sites in Wycombe that are administering the Covid-19 vaccine, including Adams Park. You can find out more information with a link to Buckinghamshire Council’s very useful website: https://twitter.com/SteveBakerHW/status/1348977638384295936
  • Continued working for the Covid Recovery Group, as Deputy Chair, to live with the virus and ensure covid-restrictions do more good than harm: https://www.facebook.com/SteveBakerWycombe/videos/315329546561036
  • Celebrated the fabulous Tamil community in Wycombe and wished those who are celebrating a very happy Thai Pongal. You can watch this on my Twitter: https://twitter.com/SteveBakerHW/status/1349657510467104771
  • Spoke with constituents (virtually!) on a number of different issues
  • Asked questions about level playing field commitments as part of the UK’s future economic and trading relationship with the EU at Treasury Committee

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