What I have been up to this week #Working4Wycombe:

  • Asked the FCDO Minister for the Middle East in the House of Commons what the Government will do to encourage Israel to guarantee freedom of worship for Muslims at the Al-Aqsa Mosque
  • Asked the Leader of the House of Commons for an Oral Statement on the situation in St Vincent & the Grenadines following the La Soufriére volcano eruption & the UK’s response
  • Questioned former PM David Cameron & Lex Greensill as part of the Treasury Committee on Lessons from Greensill Capital
  • Met with Bucks Council & MPs to discuss local & county issues
  • Briefed by the Health Secretary to discuss the third step of the UK’s Roadmap
  • Worked through the Covid Recovery Group to beat coronavirus and reclaim our lives
  • Put my name to a letter to the Governor of the Bank of England to highlight concerns & raise important questions regarding the proposed demutualisation of LV
  • Briefed by the Vaccines Minister on the successes of our Covid-19 vaccination programme
  • Met with the 1922 Committee
  • And as ever, pursued a range of issues for local individuals and businesses, making ministerial representation, in Wycombe

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