What I have been up to this week #Working4Wycombe:

  • Broadcasted live on our great radio station ‘Wycombe Sound’ to reflect with Bob Johnson on the exemplary life of Sir David Amess MP
  • Reflected on the huge loss of James Brokenshire MP to his family, friends and the nation
  • Raised concerns about the costs of renewable energy and the importance of ensuring the Government’s energy strategy is transparent and accountable
  • Made a speech in Parliament highlighting the costs of lockdown and made clear about the reforms necessary to ensure Govt is accountable to Parliament
  • Met with the Wycombe’s Pine Trees Residents’ Association about local concerns
  • Met with Lord Carrington to discuss farming in #Wycombe
  • Met with the Prime Minister at the 1922 Committee
  • Attended FairLife charity’s autumn conference to hear about how the finance industry is helping customers with the impact of Covid-19
  • Participated in Parliament’s digital services new Division Pass Readers
  • As ever, pursued a range of issues, and made ministerial representation, for local individuals and businesses in Wycombe

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