What I have been up to this week #Working4Wycombe:

  • Spoke in a House of Commons debate on Nightclub Safety, focusing on the grave horror of spiking
  • Paid tribute to Bucks Council’s Helping Hand Scheme and implored the Government to equip councils to provide local people with the help they need
  • Spoke to West Wycombe school during their morning assembly and read stories to the children
  • Received a petition from a representative of the Pine Trees Residents’ Association and will present it to Parliament as soon as the parliamentary authorities allow
  • Met with Bucks Council & MPs to discuss local & county issues
  • Assisted with the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal at High Wycombe Railway Station
  • Celebrated Remembrance Day at services in Westminster and Wycombe
  • Planted a Cross of Remembrance in the Constituency Garden of Remembrance
  • Met with Big Brother Watch to discuss the Online Harms Bill & Online Anonymity
  • Continued my work as Chair of the Advisory Board to Conservatives Against Racism, For Equality
  • Met with Minister Davies to discuss how co-operatives can bring greater prosperity to areas and how the Government can support co-operatives
  • As ever, pursued a range of issues, and made ministerial representation, for local individuals and businesses in Wycombe

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