Here’s what I’ve been up to this week #Working4Wycombe:

  • Attended the 999 Day in the Eden Centre to celebrate the sterling work of our emergency services in Wycombe and Bucks.
  • Met with Wycombe councillors in Parliament, as well as with individuals in the constituency, to discuss the situation in Israel and Gaza.
  • Held a meeting with Dr Nick Broughton, Chief Executive of the Integrated Care Board, to discuss constituents’ concerns about access to GP appointments and tests across Wycombe.
  • Joined a call with the Leader and Chief Executive of Buckinghamshire Council to discuss local council services in Wycombe.
  • Met with Minister Richard Holden, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Roads and Local Transport, with a Wycombe constituent to discuss changing important DVLA regulation.
  • As ever, pursued a range of issues and made ministerial representation, for local people and businesses in Wycombe and Bucks.

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