Speaking to The Times, the Prime Minister has set out that a vote for the Conservatives is a vote for a more prosperous, more secure and more united country. Labour have no plan for our country.

We have confirmed that we will not raise Income Tax, VAT or National Insurance. But if you think Labour will win, start saving…

Keir Starmer, Rachel Reeves and Darren Jones have repeatedly refused to rule out raising VAT throughout this campaign and have now only caved in due to a CCHQ press release. They have pulled their shadow Home Secretary off the morning media round and deployed Darren Jones to tell everyone that ‘nothing has changed’. If Labour were not planning to increase VAT they would have ruled it out on the many occasions they have been asked to do so by the media.

The reality is everyone knows this is a major policy u-turn. If this is how they make major tax policy decisions in opposition, imagine how chaotic they would be in government just like they did with their £28 billion 2030 decarbonisation policy. We’ve seen chaos from Labour – chaos on Diane Abbott, and now chaos on economic policy. 

But whatever Labour say, with a blackhole of £38.5 billion in their spending promises – they will increase your taxes by £2,094 to say nothing of Labour’s Retirement Tax.

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