I know that a cause for serious concern locally has been the announcement by Arriva that it would be withdrawing services on various bus routes in Wycombe. This is a decision with major implications for people to get around the town for medical appointments, travel to work and school, and coming to the centre of town for shopping and leisure.

I was only speaking to a director of Arriva recently to raise constituents’ complaints about the experience of using the services in question. During these conversations, there was never a hint this was on the cards and so I was incredibly disappointed to hear their announcement, a sentiment my office and I have conveyed in meetings with Arriva since.

However, when I heard the announcement, I was quick to reach out to other Bucks MPs so that we could work together on this issue. The statement by Carousel that they wished to take over services on these routes was a great relief, and within a few hours we had organised a joint call with Bucks MPs, the Council, and Carousel to discuss how to put the plan in motion.

All Conservative Bucks MPs have worked together on this issue and met with Carousel to ensure there would be no loss of services for our constituents, and to provide them with our support. Carousel has now confirmed its planned routes for the town which you can find here: https://www.carouselbuses.co.uk/new-carousel-buses-services-28th-july-2024. While services on most routes will remain the same, timetables and route numbers may be subject to change.

I have written to the Traffic Commissioner to endorse Carousel’s plans and ask that the issuing of the necessary operator licenses is expediated. Another bus company, Red Group, will continue to provide services between High Wycombe and Aylesbury. There is also a plan to tweak the current routes to include a stop at Stoke Mandeville hospital and some of the villages between Princes Risborough and Hughenden Valley.

I know that that the announcement by Arriva has caused concerns among many in our area. I am pleased that the Conservative Bucks MPs have worked together to ensure that the handover to Carousel will go ahead, with no disruption to services or commuters.

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