Following what I regard as gaslighting over the recent incident in Pinetrees, I want to be very clear with my political opponents. If someone seeks me out on the street and pursues me, videoing, then they can expect me to video them back for evidence. I will also publish the video in full in my own defence.

A recent exchange in which I was pursued by an individual which I published can be found through the following link:

Similarly, a blog post that I wrote following this exchange can be found here:

Those who pursue me in this way must know that the story may be picked up by national journalists:

And I may answer further questions about it:

I will not tolerate stalking and harassment by activists of any candidate for election, including me. In the context of the murders of Jo Cox and David Amess, no candidate can risk giving an inch to those who seek to harass and intimidate us.

MPs are public representatives but that does not mean that members of the public can behave as they wish towards them.

If I believe there is a case to be made for stalking and harassment, I will make a report to the police. Please do not expect sympathy when you complain about the consequences of your own actions:

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