Since I became Wycombe’s MP in 2010, it has been an honour to work for our area. This is my home, my community, and I am proud of everything that my team and I have achieved for local people. I have always listened to local concerns and I have worked hard to act on them. I wanted to take this opportunity to list just some of what I have done for local people as Wycombe’s MP.


• Made Wycombe Hospital my “top campaigning priority” after my election in 2010 – success seen in UTC, elective surgical hub, and improvements in healthcare in Wycombe: the Heart & Stroke Units, modern Breast Cancer Unit.

• Secured an Urgent Treatment Centre for Wycombe, as pledged in GE ’15 and ’17. It opened in December 2018.

• Increased NHS funding for Bucks.

• Secured a debate in Parliament on vascular services in Wycombe.

• Led the campaign for a rebuild of much of Wycombe Hospital/new Hospital.

• Secured £50 million for targeted MND research.

• Successfully campaigned for the axing of the “tampon tax” to support and make the situation fair for all women in Wycombe.

• Made improvements to ambulance services in Wycombe.

• In the first parliament, I used parliamentary privilege to force Bucks Healthcare Trust into special measures to drive up the quality of care in Wycombe.


• Secured record funding for schools in Wycombe for 2024/2025.

• Regularly visit schools in Wycombe to see the quality of education and engage with students.

• Helped Highcrest Academy become an all-ability academy school.

• Brought Ministers to see our schools in Wycombe.

• Made sure schools in Wycombe get their share of funding pots by campaigning against the unfair funding formula.

• Took a close interest in Penn School, and supported residents.

Economy & Business

• Fought nationally to lower energy costs for Wycombe residents through campaigns like preventing the forced replacement of boilers.

• Helped businesses secure Government recovery funds during COVID-19 pandemic such as £230,000 for Siyan Limited from the Cultural Recovery Fund.

• Long campaigned for increased role of co-operatives, mutuals, and Big Society which has directed benefited Wycombe such as Wycombe Youth Fund being awarded £93,000.

• Worked with local businesses and Govt to increase apprenticeships in Wycombe by over 50 per cent in first 18 months in office.

Benefits, Welfare, and Other Services

• Worked with Wycombe Homeless Connection on measures to reduce homelessness and brought the Minister to discuss measures further. Namely, working to raise LHA to the 30th percentile of local market rents. I also regularly support their work within the community.

• Supported One Can Trust to the point that the left-wing trolling was unbearable.

• Supported the YMCA.

• Secured funding for Fire Services.

Housing & Planning

• Supported the residents of Pine Trees in their issues with Taylor Wimpey and mediated solutions to many of the problems; supported residents in Gomm Valley with raising their concerns; and assisted residents in Daws Hill raising their concerns about temporary buildings at St Michael’s School.

• Raised a new approach to planning in Parliament that has proved popular in Wycombe – I have lobbied for it continuously.


• Made campaigning against Islamophobia a key part of my parliamentary work.

• Worked to ensure free and fair elections in Wycombe.

• Working with community leaders to try to resolve the situation regarding a lack of elections at Wycombe Mosque and raised the issue in Parliament.


• Kept pressure on Bucks Council to improve the road surfaces across Wycombe.

• Help ensure that Carousel would be able to take over the bus services in our area following Arriva’s announcement of its withdrawal of services.

• Saved the Wycombe driving test centre twice and have continued to support the site, learners, and instructors.

• Successfully campaigned against the ending of London Day Travel Cards.

• Continuously campaigned against the ULEZ expansion.

• Successfully campaigned for M40 noise barriers in Wycombe.

• Pressed for improvements to High Wycombe Train Station.

• My office and I were key in securing funding for traffic calming measures in Castlefield.

• Elected to Transport Select Committee to specifically scrutinise HS2 and represent constituent concerns regarding it.

Foreign Affairs & National Security

• Supported Tamil families in Wycombe with their concerns about Tamil Rights in Sri Lanka.

• Raised concerns in Parliament and with Government about the treatment of Uyghur Muslims in China, to reflect the concerns of the Muslim population locally.

• Raised concerns in Parliament and with Government about the treatment of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, to reflect the concerns of the Muslim population locally.

• Continuously raised concerns about the situation and issues in Kashmir.

• Campaigned successfully for fraud to be a national security issue following local cases.Raised in Parliament and with the Foreign Secretary the situation and need for further support in St Vincent and the Grenadines following the 2021 volcanic eruption given Wycombe is home to the largest Vincentian community in the UK Diaspora.

Further Issues

• Fought nationally as Deputy Chair of the COVID Recovery Group to ensure lockdown measures were proportionate because of their impact on individuals, families, and businesses in Wycombe.

• Successfully campaigned to criminalise trespassing to stop Traveller encampments that had caused misery for many in Wycombe.

• Helped secure nearly £12 million to rejuvenate Wycombe High Street.

• Replicated Parliamentary debates in Wycombe with and for students.

• Cemented myself as a permanent part of the community events in Wycombe.

• Made sure local concerns regarding Buckinghamshire’s Local Plan were raised with Bucks Council.

• Helped thousands of constituents with cases large and small, simple, and complex.

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