Since I became Wycombe’s MP in 2010, it has been an honour to work for our area. This is my home, and I am proud of all that my team and I have achieved for local people.

I have always listened to local concerns and I have worked hard to act on them. I am especially proud to have played my part in driving up the quality of Bucks Healthcare after 2010. Early in my time as Wycombe’s MP, constituents brought to me in confidence the scale of the then failings at Bucks Healthcare putting patient safety at risk.

After a tireless campaign, which included making the issues public in the House of Commons using parliamentary privilege, the Trust was referred into a programme known as the Keogh Review. I am delighted that, thanks to the hard work of our local NHS staff, a much improved standard of care became available to all in Wycombe. In a number of areas, local care is now a national leader.

During the General Election campaigns of 2015 and 2017, I made clear that I would work as hard as I could to secure an NHS Urgent Treatment Centre at Wycombe Hospital, classed as a Type 3 A&E. After years of campaigning, our UTC opened in December 2018.

Unlike the Labour Party, I have always been clear about what is possible in Wycombe. I have not made promises that couldn’t be kept, like bringing back full-scale A&E to Wycombe Hospital, however much we may desire it. It hasn’t always been easy, but I have always been honest and delivered on my election pledges.

When I found out that the High Wycombe driving test centre was to close, I knew that it would place an intolerable burden on local students and instructors. I pledged to do all I could to reopen it. I am proud that the driving test centre has now reopened and commenced testing. I have heard local concerns about online bots booking slots and so have continued to press for progress on the availability of tests locally.

These are just a few of my successful local campaigns. More details and further examples can be found here.

Of course, the challenges we face are great, and I know there is more to do be done. If returned, I intend to keep delivering for local people on the issues we care about most.

I will support those hit hardest by the cost of living while campaigning for lowering taxes so working people keep more of the money they earn.

I will continue the fight for an up-to-date hospital. Our hospital should be equipped to give us the best possible care when we need it. Building on my previous work to improve healthcare in our area, I will continue to work tirelessly to secure funding for a new hospital in Wycombe.

I will campaign to build more homes, while protecting our glorious Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Every person deserves to own or rent a good and affordable home. We’ve built new homes on brownfield sites so people can afford to get on the property ladder and have a secure place to live.

I will continue to work with Buckinghamshire Council to improve our roads and local infrastructure. We have already committed £110 million into road repairs with a comprehensive resurfacing plan. There is much more to do and I will fight for every penny to improve the quality of our roads.

I will fight to ensure a fair vote for all. We have made great strides in safeguarding our democracy with the new voter ID regulations, but we need to crack down on election fraud in all forms. The right to vote was hard won and we need to ensure that every person’s vote counts the same and is cast freely.

I will continue to support our schools. We have record levels of investment in Wycombe’s schools. Thanks to our focus on phonics, our children’s literacy is better than ever. Most of our schools are rated good or outstanding, giving the next generation the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Our diverse schools are a source of pride for our area.

A vote for me is a vote for a dedicated MP you can trust to deliver on promises made and always do what is right for local people, no matter how hard. Over the last 14 years, I have worked resolutely for local people, always standing by sound Conservative principles and being honest about the challenges we face. I will continue to listen to the concerns of local residents, and I will continue to fight for you as I have since I became Wycombe’s MP in 2010.

Please #VoteConservative on 4 July.

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